Storage Services Ayrshire

Storage facilities Ayr

In today’s property market, storage has a vital role to play, as it can make the difference between securing and losing a sale.  Placing your household furnishings into storage gives you total flexibility.  Whether short term, if you have sold but are still looking for a new home or perhaps you are living overseas in furnished accommodation and need your ‘Home’ stored until your return.

Thomas R Callan Ltd have a 12,000sq.ft. modern storage facility and distribution centre with ‘drive in’ electric doors.  Equipped with thermostatic hot air heating system and Redcare 24 hour monitored alarm system. The store is perfect for storing all your treasured possessions. Inspections are welcome.

There are however, some items which cannot be permitted into our storage e.g. all foods, consumables, flammables etc.,    All power tools, lawnmowers must be drained.  Indoor and outdoor plants cannot be accommodated.  All refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted and dried out.  Carpets and Rugs must be vacuumed and rolled securely.

Visit Thomas R. Callan Ltd and see how you can rest assured in the knowledge that our highly trained staff will take care of your furnishings throughout the removal and storage process.

Insurance Within Storage

Please advise and endorse your Household Insurance Policy to cover your furnishings in Storage.  The address of our storage Centre is:

Thomas R. Callan Ltd.,
Storage House,
33 Mackintosh Place,
South Newmoor Industrial Estate,
Irvine KA11 4JT

If you encounter any problems please contact our Office and we can arrange insurance for you.