Packing Services

Callan’s will conduct any level of packing required, from one or two treasured items to the contents of a Full House.   Our highly experienced packers use the latest protective materials and packing techniques and are so efficient they can pack up most houses in a single day.   Packing is conducted one day before your removal.

Before any packing begins, it is always a good idea to decide if there are any items you wish to dispose of, these can be sent to Thomas R. Callan’s Auction Services or donated to a charity shop.


Any clothing on hangers may remain on them as Callan’s will provide portable wardrobes with rails. It couldn’t be easier, just transfer your hanging clothes into the large cartons.

They are sealed and loaded into the van, just unload at the other end. All other items of clothing should be packed into suitcases as if preparing for a holiday. Generally chests of drawers containing clothes can be moved full – please remove jewellery, cosmetics etc.

Furniture Sale
The Removal Teams use protective soft waterproof stretch on covers for three piece suites and dining tables.  Quilted bags for L.C.D. televisions and piano’s and mattress covers for beds.  These are all used in combination with protective thick soft removal blankets to ensure the very best of care of your furnishings.

Callan’s can also provide ‘Export Wrap’ a material and technique used for overseas shipping.  This practice is highly protective for fragile items and high gloss lacquered furniture.

Cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers.

These should all be disconnected, drained and dried prior to our arrival. To avoid damage, the drum of the Automatic washing machine must be stabilised with the manufacturers brackets supplied. If your removal is local i.e. 20 miles distance, fridges and freezers can be packed into the removal van last and therefore can be taken off and plugged in first to avoid defrosting. It is advisable to run down stocks as much as possible, Callan’s nor our insurers will accept responsibility for any deterioration of food stuffs.

food in cupboard
Food cannot be taken into storage.

When preparing for a direct removal from one house to another care should be taken to ensure packets, together with lids of jars and screw tops of bottles are properly and safely secured.


Ornaments Packing
If you have requested a Packing Service, glass, china, ornaments and decorative ware can be left in cupboards and on shelves ready for Packing if this is preferable, or if you wish to assist, ornaments, other decorative or fragile items of note can be placed on table tops and kitchen work tops ready for packing.

We take the greatest of care with all movable items, however for items of high monetary or sentimental value you may wish to request use of our specialist packaging.

tv on wall
Large L.C.D. televisions should be disconnected and taken off their brackets if wall mounted. Please rebox the televisions in their original manufacturer’s boxes. If you no longer possess the boxes, do not worry, the removal crews carry specialised quilted television bags which they will use for their safe transportation.

Unpacking Services

Callan’s removal crews will place packed boxes in the relevant rooms around the house, making it easy for customers to unpack at their leisure.  However, if you prefer Callan’s will conduct any level of unpacking from one or two boxes of treasured possessions to the full unpacking of all boxes.

Our trained packers can either leave unpacked items on tables and kitchen work tops or can neatly place then into cabinets and cupboards under your instructions.  All boxes and packing materials will be taken away leaving your new home clutter free and ready for living in.


“Our treasured belongings were packed up with the greatest care and nothing on our moving in day was too much trouble. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Murdoch Maclennan, Chief Executive of Telegraph Media

“Thank you for making our removal to Cumbria stress free. The removal of unwanted furnishings, the full packing service and the unloading in Penrith all done with courtesy, efficiency and good humour. A great service much appreciated.”

Mr. & Mrs. Sells, Penrith