Removal Guide

Please use this useful check list in the lead up to the move.  If you have any question’s please contact us Free Phone 0800 037 8000


At Thomas R. Callan our philosophy is to make your move as easy and trouble free as possible.  Although we carefully consider and co-ordinate everything we can, there are still a number of duties which require your own personal attention.

4 weeks before moving 

Tour your house including the attic, garage, storage shed and decode which items should be discarded or donated to charity.  Consider Callan’s Auction Services.

Contact Thomas R. Callan’s Removals and request an accurate estimate of charges for your moving.

Begin to use up frozen food.  Buy only what will be used before moving.  It is inadvisable to move frozen goods on the van over long distances.

Arrange for transfer of records etc., Refer to checklist

3 weeks before moving

Arrange for transportation of pets, including kennels.  Check with your veterinarian.

Return library books, video tapes and other borrowed items.  Collect anything lent or out for repairs.

Dispose of flammables paint, matches, pressure cans, cleaning fluids etc.,

Notify Post Office,  bank etc., of your pending change of address.  Refer to checklist.

2 weeks before moving         

Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate furniture placement.  It makes moving in twice as easy.

Set a date with a reliable service firm to prepare you appliances washer, dryer, etc for moving.

Start packing if you have planned to do some of it yourself.

Plan to discontinue utilities, delivery service etc., Refer to checklist.

1 week before moving

Prepare car for trip. Finishing packing all suitcases and basic essentials.  Plan to
carry valuable documents, currency and jewellery with you.

Drain water from garden hose and oil / fuel from power mower and other machinery.

Dismantle large power tools such as lathes, grinders etc.,

Prepare a list of first minute items you will need upon arrival at your new home.

1 Day before moving

Empty and defrost the fridge/freezer

Empty and check loft and garage.

Check keys are available for your new home.

Pack suitcases for the move, leaving out a favourite toy for small children.

On moving day

Have a clear workspace available for packers.
Point out: (a) fragile and valuable items.
(b) items you will be taking with you.
(c) anything to be left for new owners.

Plan to stay home until van has left.  Tour house with van operator, confirm new address and delivery time.  Be sure to check destination contact phone numbers. Do final check for overlooked items.  Make certain windows   and doors are locked, utilities disconnected or turned off, keys transfer and lights out.
It is a good idea to be at your new home ahead of the van to verify utilities are connected and floor plan is correct.  Make arrangements for re-installation of appliances.  Confirm unpacking requirements.